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Current Projects

Photo taken on location for "Myrlan", Pale Raven Pictures 2021

Anchor 1

Post-apocalyptic short film


A near future society descending into tribes, living under oppressive rule. When the violent Enforcers take a step too far, the Workers choose their own fate.

This 8-minute action-horror music film has successfully funded through our Kickstarter.

This mixed-media music film combines Rob Richardson's (2000AD) illustrations with live action fight sequences, all to a furious metal soundtrack from Terminal Sun.

I wrote and will direct Ingvas with Pale Raven Pictures.

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Ingvas Cover v1_4.jpg
Ingvas Film
Myrlan background 2 edited.jpg

Fantasy short film


Step into a brand new fantasy world in 2021: choose your path and find your freedom.

This 35-minute short fantasy film is now available to stream on The Fantasy Network

I directed and co-created Myrlan with Pale Raven Pictures.

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Video/audio installation

"Impressions of China"

A collage of video footage recorded over two months in the summer of 2019 is played over 4 screens as sound samples from the same Chinese cities the footage is recorded are cued on a MIDI controller. As the sounds overlap, a soundscape is explored in the hands of the viewer to encourage their own Impression.

Myrlan film
Impression film

Feature Screenplay

"The Paw"

The Paw's 'graphic novel' aesthetic blends folklore with neo-noir and dark comedy.

This is a 120-minute feature horror screenplay submitting to screenplay awards and interested readers.

Men make monsters. At least that’s true for Crawley, a photographer in a sinister vein of work: blackmail. Meanwhile, a local police constable plays cops and robbers with a 60-year-old burglar and things don’t add up. Something’s being covered up and PC Cooper’s going to find out if his bark is as bad as his bite.

Get in touch

To request access to view/read any of the projects not made public, please feel free to drop a message with your name, contact and reason for asking to view.

The Paw script
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