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Myrlan - Fantasy Short Film


I'm currently directing this new fantasy short film, which I co-wrote at Pale Raven Pictures. Shooting in Yorkshire 2020-21.

Step into a brand new fantasy world in 2021: choose your path and find your freedom.

We find Myrlan as a newly developing kingdom, but Myrlan's troubles are growing fast. The people are starting to show unrest. County lords are going missing and rebellion is spoken of on the wind...

This is a 25-minute short fantasy film aiming for festival screenings in Autumn 2021.

The Paw - Feature Horror Film


I finished this genre feature screenplay in summer 2020.

The Paw's 'graphic novel' aesthetic blends folklore with neo-noir and dark comedy.

Men make monsters. At least that’s true for Crawley, a photographer in a sinister vein of work: blackmail. Not entirely void of conscience, he aims for villainous subjects, but the road he walks crosses a nightmarish discovery. Meanwhile, a local police constable plays cops and robbers with a 60-year-old burglar and things don’t add up – his violent sentences end in early bail and he hasn’t aged a day in 30yrs. Something’s being covered up and PC Cooper’s going to find out if his bark is as bad as his bite.

This is a 120-minute feature horror screenplay submitting to screenplay awards and interested readers.