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I'm trained as a 2nd Assistant Director and available for work throughout the AD department.

My experience includes narrative feature and commercial projects, working internationally, with named talent, 30+ background cast and working with vulnerable adults and children.

2nd Assistant Director


Succeed as a 2nd AD in HETV and film (DV Talent. Led by Carlos Fidel & Harriet Worth) 18/3/22 - 28/3/22

Albert Sustainable Production Training (BAFTA, Albert) 27/4/22
Managing Covid-19 risks on productions for freelancers (First Option Ltd.) 22/10/20

Past projects

Selection of recent work history in relevant roles.





2nd Assistant Director

"By The Throat"


Crooked Smile Films

18/09/23 - 18/10/23

3rd Assistant Director

"Born on Sunday Silent"
BFI Network short

Tyke Films

07/03/23 - 09/03/23

2nd Assistant Director

"Universe 25" feature

Entropy Films

26/11/22 - 31/01/23

1st Assistant Director

Hotel Cafe Royal

Lightfox Ent.

15/11/22 - 16/11/22

Production Assistant

"GQ (Sport) All Access: McLaren"

Lightfox Ent. / Condé Nast


3rd Assistant Director


ITV Studios

Dailies 7/22 - 10/22

3rd Assistant Director

"Whip" feature

Thulsa Doom Video

8/6/22 - 9/7/22

2nd Assistant Director

"No Women No Children" feature

4orward Movement

28/1/22 - 2/2/22

3rd Assistant Director

"Peter Pan Live" feature

Going Live TV

12/10/21 - 31/10/21

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